Which winter garden blooms for beautiful bouquets?

When winter is here, the temperatures drop, the weather turns gray and snow is on the way. Fortunately, there are beautiful flowers that will grace your garden and that you can enjoy indoors for your decoration. For an ideal winter season, a beautiful bouquet of flowers in warm colors will be perfect. This article invites you to discover seasonal flowers that you can pick from your garden to make bouquets.

The mimosa to brighten the winter days

young woman holding a bouquet of mimosas
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If there is one flower in the garden that seduces in winter and can be used to make a bouquet, it is the mimosa. It is highly valued for intoxicating aroma who is real hint of vanilla notesthe mimosa with the form bouquet of flowers brings some sunshine into your interior. Mimosa has a evergreen that perfectly decorates your garden all year round. When winter comes, little balls of golden yellow color appear to make you forget the gray skies of the winter season. So a bouquet of mimosa flowers will come brighten up your living room and his own the intoxicating smell will bring warmth to hearts.

Ranunculus, the quintessential winter flower

Ranunculus is the most popular flower in winter. Of subtle look and his own rounded shapes will liven up your home decor. This is a dynamic flower whose bouquet he will get used to energize your inner self. You will especially appreciate the fact that the appearance of the flower changes over the days. When chosen to make your bouquet, the ranunculus is in a compact ball. It is only gradually that it opens to reveal cross petals. ONE bunch of ranunculus triple in size over time, which is a real treat for the eyes. For your flower arrangement, you have the choice between a soft composition with pastel pink, white, beige or a colorful composition with green, purple and red.

The camellia for a romantic touch in the decoration

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There is nothing better than one bouquet of camellias to banish the gray of the winter season from your interior. Whether red, white or pink camellia flowers, they will look perfect in your living room, kitchen, office or bedroom. For winter, the saiaka camellias it will be the ideal garden flower. This flower has one white heart and purple outer petals. In the form of a decorative bouquet, this camellia is highly valued for its color which becomes darker as it grows. You can also choose the variegated camellia from Gaujacq do not each flower is a unique variety. The flowers have pink-red streaks which differ from flower to flower. Finally, there is the Camellia Betty Patricia which is incredibly beautiful with rose-shaped flowers. This feature is what sets it apart from other camellias.

Hellebore, the Christmas rose

It is not for nothing that this garden flower is called the Christmas rose. Hellebore blooms in the middle of winter and consists of 5 interlocking petals with a rather mysterious glowing yellow heart. A bouquet of these flowers will bring a ray of sunshine into the living room or living room. This winter garden flower is valued for its high frost resistance. Of white and sometimes pink flowers tend to be pinkish-red or green when fading. Hellebores have a delicate appearance which makes it possible to obtain elegance in the creations of bouquets. In small bouquets, mixed with other flowers or in flower arrangements, hellebore flowers are perfect to brighten up an interior decoration.

The anemone, the chic and vintage flower for winter

anemone flowers
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The anemone is a variety of winter garden flowers that will enchant you with it black heart surrounded by delicate petals. In a round vase in the center of a table, this flower both elegant and vintage brings a real plus to your interior design. The the petals of this flower have the appearance of velvet, which makes the flower the queen of winter bouquets. The anemone comes in a wide range of vibrant colors from deep purple to pure white or deep red. This wild flower it really is full of charm, and you The bouquet will be even more dazzling if you combine the anemone with the ranunculus. To enjoy the beauty of your anemone bouquet for a long time, take the time to bevel the stem. Make sure the jar is placed away from direct light and most importantly change the water in the jar every couple of days.

With these suggestions, be sure to make beautiful flower bouquets!