Where to install your plancha in the garden so as not to damage your plants?

Barbecue is a must for summer. But the plancha may well replace it! Although it serves the same purpose, this steel cooking device is healthier and more ecological. So how can you host a plancha in your garden without disturbing your plants? Here are some tips to make moving in as smooth as possible.

The plancha, a healthier outdoor cooking method than the barbecue

And the plancha originates from Spain (one plaque, literally), seems to be unanimous in France. Increasingly popular in home gardens, this outdoor cooking device is also proven plus I have. The plancha, when formulated in steel stainlessit is even ideal for cooking outdoors, the non-stick coating it is not afraid of scratches or jams.

This stainless steel plate thus makes it possible to cook all kinds of foodfrom meat to fish and fruit and vegetableseither large or small components.

Greener cooking

The plancha is also known for gentle cookingand thus healthier for health compared to its sidekick the barbecue. Without flame or smoke, the plancha cooks by contact, allowing for gentle cooking at the same time fast, ecological and energy efficient. His last asset stainless steel gas grill : she is too easier to clean rather than a barbecue.

meat on plancha vegetables soft cooking barbecue summer
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How to install a plancha in your garden?

Unlike the barbecue, the plancha has the serious edge do not produce smoke. However, the metal plate heats up quickly. This is why it is best to avoid placing your plancha near the heat resistant plants. Prefer a secluded place without vegetation, and place your device on a stable standor even an appropriately sized stroller to move it around more easily.

Some precautions

When using your plancha in the garden, make sure no branches or plants lean too close to your plate and keep children away from the cooking area in order to avoid any incident. It would be a shame to stop the festivities because of burns!

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And you, have you ever used a plancha for your outdoor meals? Share your opinion with us in the comments!