What seeds to plant in the garden in autumn?

Fall is coming and you’re wondering what seeds you can still plant before frost? It is indeed possible to continue planting during the months preceding the onset of frost. Preparing a winter vegetable garden it’s also a clever trick to take advantage of early spring harvests!

Which vegetable seeds should I plant in the fall?

When summer comes to an end, in the period that extends from late August to late October, it is the right time to make a winter garden. Indeed, thanks to the high temperatures of the summer months, the ground still retains a certain heat in autumn. Thus, the roots continue to grow and grow. Therefore, it is still quite possible for them to sow a lot vegetable seeds before it gets too cold:

  • broccoli
  • the carrot
  • the celery
  • rhubarb
  • cauliflower
  • the rutabaga
  • chives
  • rape
  • winter radish
  • rocket
  • spinach
  • parsley
  • lamb lettuce
  • beetroot
  • garlic

This is also a good time to replant cabbage and chicory seedlings.

plant a seed
Credit: amenic181/iStock

What are the benefits of a fall vegetable garden?

The arrival of freshness includes several advantages for the gardener. If the weather is on par with the seasonal norm, rainfall works in your favor and watering is no longer really relevant. The rains are normally abundant in the autumn season and are sufficient to water the vegetable garden.

In addition, you can set a mulch Thickness 5 cm to help you with this. This will have a double benefit: it will keep the heat in the soil and reduce weeding. In addition, unwanted insects are withdrawn and no longer come to disturb the plantations. as indicated The worldthe mulch will prevent hoeing, the pests will have largely hibernated since the first frosts, so there won’t be much you can do […].”