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The amaryllis is not the hardiest flower since it does not support temperatures below 10°C (which is already not bad!) but it is very likely to be forced flowering indoors to coincide with Christmas ! From autumn we find the bulbs on sale in garden centers or even directly in pots ready to bloom. This lovely flower is notable for its very large flowers in bright or pastel colors. Be careful not to confuse the large-flowered amaryllis grown indoors for unique blooms at Christmas with the Amaryllis belladonna. The former is non-hardy while the latter is a hardy plant that grows in the ground and blooms from late summer to early fall. Discover all the secrets of the beautiful amaryllis.

When and where to plant amaryllis?

If we talk about natural flowering, the amaryllis reveals its petals in the spring. But it is very common to hasten blooms to be able to decorate your table during the holidays. It is therefore necessary to plant the amaryllis in autumn for flowering in winter Or plant it in late winter for spring flowering.

Amaryllis thrives in a soil for geraniums. In a pot, place the plant in a warm place in the light. The temperature should be around 18°C and especially without direct sun.

Comment planter l’amaryllis ;

Amaryllis is grown in pots. Choose a heavy pot (terracotta for example) slightly larger than its bulb. The pot should be about 2 to 4 cm in diameter larger than the bulb.

Plant the bulb inside two thirds in potting soil, the last third should protrude above the surface. Then, water without drowning the plant and especially not the roots. When it comes to vegetation, don’t forget about it educator the stem of the flower. It is possible to add fertilizer for flowering plants such as geranium.

Credits: stux / PIxabay

How to water and care for amaryllis?

It is better to water the amaryllis with rainwater and at room temperature. Water regularly when the soil surface is dry. LARGE’liquid fertilizer mixed with water when the plant puts out its first leaves.

Amaryllis do not require special maintenance. So keep watering and fertilizing it until it wilts.

Source: Gammvert, Aujardin

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