the list of things to do before winter comes

Autumn has settled down and there is no shortage of work in the garden! Indeed, it is necessary to prepare your plants to go through the winter and for this, it is better to start early. It’s also the last minute to put a coat of paint on the fences, the garden shed, do the last bit of brickwork and take care of fitting the lighting as the days get shorter! Here is a short list of things to do during autumn to better understand the arrival of winter.

Take care of the most fragile plants

You need to protect your plants, yes, but you need to take care of the most fragile ones first. Non-hardy plants that are sensitive to cold and moisture can be installed in a tunnel greenhouse or winter garden. Those you can’t move will have to make do with a good mulch and protective covers.

Also think about houseplants you’ve put out over the summer, especially orchids or bonsai. And as the weather gets cooler, consider cutting back on cacti watering, delicious and bulbous plants.

autumn work
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Plant fall flowers and spring bulbs

If there’s one thing we look forward to in autumn, it’s the stunning colors of flowers, trees and shrubs. So yes, the garden will soon go dormant, but there’s still time to enjoy the fall colors. So you will find Here is a list of 30 flowers you should plant in the fall.

During September you can also set up the spring bulbs!

Gather the last crops of summer

Don’t forget last summer’s vegetables: tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants, peppers, beans. You can also start harvesting beans, chayotes, exotic cardamom and green anise. Squashes are also on the agenda, specifically the butternut which is perfect in a gratin or in a soup.

Refresh the garden and furniture

Remember to clean and air the greenhouses, but also the garden furniture. Refresh the vegetable garden and beds. Some fruit trees also deserve a little pruning.

Clean your tools well and protect them in a sandbox during the winter.

Other planting and sowing

You can sow Chinese cabbage, spinach, coriander, winter salads, etc. Plant shrubs, perennials and annual and biennial flowers.