Plants easy to grow and resistant

Carefree plants are plants that require little maintenance. They are ideal for beginner gardeners who would like to get started safely and succeed with crops. Sans-souci can withstand extreme temperatures without requiring special care. Here are 5 carefree plants to grow.

1) Tagetes anisata

Also called Mexican tarragon, this plant consists of leaves and flowers with an anise flavor. When it blooms during the summer, it is possible to use the flowers to flavor dishes, oils or even butter. The plant needs particularly good sun and a fairly mild climate for good development. Planting is possible in the ground or in containers.

Mexican tarragon Mexican tarragon
Credit: natureexplorer2 / iStock

2) Burnt Japanese cypress

This small conifer, which can measure up to 60 cm when it reaches 10 years, has a beautiful shade of green and evergreen leaves. It grows slowly and adapts perfectly to small gardens. It can be planted in the ground or in a container. It has no special needs, the type of soil as well as exposure to the sun are the same. In addition, it can withstand temperatures down to -25°C.

Japanese cypress Opaal
Credit: VICHAILAO / iStock

3) Golden Nugget Sempervivum Chick Charms

This golden-colored plant turns orange-red on its edges when it gets cold. In the garden, it will need drained, dry soil exposed to the sun. It is resistant to negative temperatures up to -25°C.

joubarbes Sempervivum
Credits: Mario Krpan / iStock

4) Trachelospermum Winter Ruby Trared

Also called star jasmine, this climbing plant retains its leaves even through winter. Moreover, they turn red as soon as the cold sets in. It tolerates frost very well, it is not difficult when it comes to exposure to the sun. The only maintenance this plant needs is a light cleaning of the dead branches that protrude from the support.

Trachelospermum asiatica Hatuyukikazura ruby
Credit: kaorinne / iStock

5) Ajuga pyramidal metal curl

This ground cover plant produces blue-purple flowers. Plus, its metallic foliage will contrast with the rest of your garden. It likes partial shade and easily tolerates negative temperatures down to -15°C. The soil must be slightly cold to ensure the proper development of the plant.

Ajuga pyramidal metal curls
Credit: Harald Biebel / iStock