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We are getting closer and closer to Christmas, so you might as well prepare for it or rather prepare your garden! However, winter flowers are rare and you will find them listed here. The wonderful Christmas rose (hellebore) is aptly named, because it is in winter that we can observe its flowering. This evergreen perennial is part of the Ranunculaceae family. When the flowering is over, the Christmas rose reveals its beautiful petals to beautify the garden. This plant grows even under the snow, because the cold and the lack of shade do not bother it. Discover all the tips for planting and caring for hellebore.

1) When and where to plant the Christmas rose?

Hellebore is cultivated in all regions of France. That’s him it is recommended to plant hellebore in autumn for a nice bloom in winter. However, you should know that the Christmas rose only blooms after 1 or 2 years, so you will have to be patient. If the planting stage is done well, you will see your plant flourish for many years.

Prefer one rich, well-drained soil as well as a partial shade exposure. The Christmas rose is afraid of excessive moisture in the earth.

2) How to plant hellebore?

The plant can be direct planted in the garden or in a planter for terraces and balconies.


  • Dig the soil to remove all weeds and stones.
  • Add potting soil and composted manure to the soil.
  • Dip plant pots in water to moisten them before planting.
  • Make a hole 20 to 25 cm (twice the volume of the bucket).
  • Space each plant about a foot apart.
  • Place the putty in the middle of the hole, its top should coincide with the height of the ground.
  • Fill the hole with the remaining soil and tamp down.
  • Water generously.

don’t forget to mulch around the design with dead leaves or other organic matter that will feed the soil. mulch it will also keep the soil cool et will protect the roots.

For one growing in potsyou just need to make a mixture of loam and potting soil.

Hellebore Christmas Rose
Credits: Hans / Pixabay

3) Hellebore maintenance

Once established, the Christmas Rose requires very little care and will bloom in the same location for many years.

Watering: In the first year, it must be regular to promote rooting. Beware of stagnant water or excessive moisture which can be fatal for the plant.

Section : Gradually remove wilted, stained or faded leaves. Once blooming, remove spent flowers.

Fertilizer: In the garden, be sure to regularly add humus in the spring and mulch in the winter. In pots, the substrate quickly becomes poor, do not hesitate to add fertilizer.

Sources : Meillandrichardier, by Jardiner

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