planting, care and winter flowering

Christmas clematis (clematis cirrhosa) is a popular winter plant. She has the peculiarity of flowering at this time, when the other flowers sleep. The flowering of the Christmas clematis therefore signals the arrival of the end-of-year holidays, providing a warm atmosphere in your interior, but also in your garden. This climbing plant will therefore have the opportunity to offer you cream colored flowers spotted with more or less pink. Its evergreen foliage is also very aesthetic. Discover Christmas clematis, the creeper that blooms in winter.

Where, when and how to plant Christmas clematis?

There are two good times to plant Christmas clematis: fall or spring, it’s up to you! Like all other clematis varieties, the Christmas clematis appreciates that it has the foot in the shade and the flower in the sun, and this is necessary for winter flowering. During the summer, it is therefore important to protect the foot from the sun’s rays with a little light mulch.

Clematis cirrhosa Christmas clematis
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In terms of planting, Christmas clematis is a climbing plant, needs support. Place it about 20cm from the plant so it can stick to it. Then make a hole with a diameter of 40 cm and tilt the leg towards the support. Finally, fill the hole with a mixture of Catholic soil and garden soil. If you can, add compost or dehydrated manure, this will allow the plant to establish better.

Flowering in a pot :

It is of course possible to grow Christmas clematis in pots. For this, choose one that is perforated at the bottom with a diameter proportional to the plant and remember to bring potting soil for flowering plants. The clematis cirrhosa will continue to grow, so it will be necessary to think about it re-wet every 2 to 3 years. You can also choose another type of clematis such as Clematis Alpina whose growth is more limited.

Clematis cirrhosa Christmas clematis
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How to maintain Christmas clematis?

Planting is the most important step, since once established, Christmas clematis really doesn’t need much care. If you insist, you can prune your plant in early spring to give it a nice silhouette. after flowering. It is enough to prune the oldest branches nearby.

As for watering, if your plant is outside, it is not necessary during the fall and winter season. The rains seasonally it should suffice. Potted clematis must be watered every time the surface of the earth is dry. Indeed, it is important to constantly keep the soil slightly moist. Beware, however, of excessive watering, which is bad for the health of the plant.

In summer, mulch to keep roots cool.