planting, care and harvesting of wild cherry

Cherry, which is also known as “cherry”, is a wild tree often found in provincial forests. It is imposing in size and offers beautiful flowers in summer. It also produces delicious cherries that feed the birds. It grows very well in the garden since it does not need special maintenance. Here are all our tips for growing wild cherry.

Where, when and how to plant the cherry tree?

The ideal time to plant the cherry tree is autumn so that it takes root properly before the onset of winter. However, if you buy your subject in a container, it is possible to plant it in spring or even summer, you just need to avoid drought and periods of high heat. Watering then should be regular at the beginning of its development.

Always proceed outside of frost periods. This tree can count up to 15 m, so it needs a place with enough space around it. Remember not to plant your tree too close to any structure in the garden, because it is creeping roots they are powerful and can damage your structures. However, it is quite possible to plant some flowers at his feet.

merisier Prunus avium
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As for the terrain, he values ​​the lands humusGood drained and even slightly acidic or calcareous. Before planting, add compost or well-rotted manure if your soil is too dry or too heavy. Side exposure, choose a sunny place.

How to preserve cherry?

The cherry tree does not really require maintenance, but pruning contributes to good growth and wonderful flowering. Then you can enjoy the wonderful red and brown barkfrom its lovely wood supporting oval and toothed leaves of a lovely dark green colour.

A haircut is just cutting it off dead or diseased branches at the end of winter. For larger branches, apply therapeutic mastic to prevent disease or pest attacks.

merisier Prunus avium
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