Plant world records

There are a lot of plants on Earth and we haven’t discovered them all yet! Among this vast world, some species hold impressive records. Here are some world plant records!

The oldest trees

Knowing the exact age of a tree is quite complicated to calculate. However, we do know that some species set records for longevity. This is the case with baobabs, Japanese cedar and bristlecone pines, which can live up to 5,000 years. It is important to note that the tallest trees are not necessarily the oldest.

The biggest flower

Arum Titan has the largest flower in the world with its 3 meters in height and 70 kg! This flower, which the plant needs 10 years to create, lives only 72 hours. The plant also holds the record for the most fragrant flower with its “rotten meat smell”. This smell attracts insects and feeds the plant.

Arum Titan
Credit: passion4nature / iStock

The most impressive

Sequoia is up to 112 meters tall, which is the average height of skyscrapers. Another type of sequoia holds the record for the most voluminous trunk with a circumference of 31 meters and a height of 83 meters. This one is in California.

It is the smallest arctic willow with its height of 10 cm.

The fastest plant

The fastest growing plant is a freshwater plant. This is Victoria Amazonica whose small buds will produce 90 cm wide leaves in just 6 days. Shaped like a pie bowl, they can measure 3 meters in diameter when they reach adulthood.

The toughest plant

Finally, the most resistant plant is undoubtedly lichen. It can really withstand temperatures ranging from -70°C to +70°C, from frost to extreme drought. Some lichens even survived Hiroshima, which allowed the tree to recover. We can also mention Silena Stenophylla whose seeds were found in permafrost (ground frozen throughout the year) in Siberia. This is how they sprouted after 31 millennia of dormancy.