Offer Pile cuttings by exposing them

Pilea Peperomioides is a fast-growing plant. Once properly installed, it can be played at breakneck speed. So why not share it with others by offering some cuttings to friends, family and friends? Here’s a little guide to highlight them. You can give them as small gifts. Of course, we always stick to natural and/or recycled materials! This guide also works with all small plants.

Step 1: Make your Pilea cuttings

Start making Pile cuttings! To do this, simply locate the saplings that are near the base of the mother plant. When they reach between 5 and 10 cm with at least 5 leaves, cut them neatly at the level of the mother plant. Carefully remove the smaller leaves.

Then place the cutting with roots in water in a small container. Let your cutting grow like this for a month. Remember to change the water at least once a week (or more if it becomes cloudy).

Step 2: Customize your containers

Leave room to your imagination to show off your cuttings!

Collect a few jam jars, string, and a glue gun. Hide the thread of the pots by gluing and wrapping thread around it. Place a small tag and tie a nice knot. These stickers will allow you to write a small word or name for a 100% personalized gift.

Step 3: Offer your Pilea cuttings

After a month, the roots will be many and your cuttings will be ready. Then place a layer of clay balls in the bottom of the jam jars. Add compost for green plants, make a hole in the center with your finger and place the cutting there without crushing the roots too much.

Voila, your plant is ready! Let it grow strong while the roots are well in the ground. You can offer them, place them in your home for interior decoration, or even use them as place cards by writing guests’ names on small stickers.