Make two beautiful autumn compositions

Autumn invites you to the landscape and gardens with its bright colors. Window benches and balconies are not to be ignored and this is the perfect opportunity to add originality and warm colors to them! Indeed, do not hesitate to take advantage of the still mild temperatures of the season to make beautiful autumn flower boxes. Between the choice of containers and plants, you can make the most original window boxes.

1) A box on the window full of delicacies

In autumn there are many berry plants (note that not all of them are edible). Choose a zinc or rattan container to add flowers, berries or herbs. For a window box full of delicacies, we advise you to add Skimmia with purple buttons, cyclamen with red miniature flowers and Pennisetum alopecuroides which will bring a contrast of greenery. You can also integrate a strawberry plant that will add volume thanks to its paths. Add pebbles or scraps of slate to decorate the surface.

Japanese skimmy
Credit: Nahhan / iStock

2) Autumn window box full of colors

Autumn days can sometimes be gloomy. Therefore, do not hesitate to decorate the facade of your house by bringing warm bright colors to your windows or balconies. Choose a cup-shaped container and add a mini tree called Cupressus macrocarpa “Goldcrest” as the main theme. Then decorate with orange chrysanthemums, red gerberas and small candy apple balls. To add Zantedeschia from New Zealand to support the branches of the mini tree with its white cones and lift them upwards. Finally, for contrast, add maritime cineraria, which will soften the whole thing with its silver-gray tones.

autumn flowers
Credit: Maxim Fesenko / iStock


Remember to adjust exposure and watering to each plant. Group plants that need the same growing conditions so they can thrive together. If the plant dies, replace it with another root ball. It is ideal to choose plants that like both sun and partial shade.