How to make a flower box in the gutter?

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed! Here is an original way to make your own planter. You can actually make it without spending lime by simply gathering two pieces of guttering and some plants. This upcycling idea is endlessly available because you can choose the length, but also the color of your future planter! Follow the instructions.

Required equipment:

  • 2 pieces of zinc gutter
  • 4 small pieces of cylindrical cast zinc (for the feet)
  • Metal glue or zinc solder
  • 4 tips
  • Special paint for metal
  • 4 plants (for a length of 50 cm) bought in pots ready for planting (flowers or aromatics).
  • granulated fertilizer
  • Rich soil

Steps for making an original planter:

1) Start by gluing the zinc pieces together using DIY silicone putty. Using pliers, make a tab on each piece of zinc. Sand the old gutters so that the paint adheres better. If your gutters are new, leave them in the sun for a few days to improve the adhesion of the paint. A thin layer will form on the gutters, go over it with a dry cloth and then with a cloth soaked in acetone.

2) Assemble the planters and make holes every 15 cm at the bottom. Then add rich potting soil.

3) Make room for your four plants and place them in each hole, being careful not to damage the roots. All plants must be placed at the same depth for a beautiful appearance.

4) Add slow release fertilizer if you have planted flowers.

5) Finally, arrange your planters however you like! For example, you can raise one of them with two overturned containers, and put the other in front for a staircase effect and thus highlight your crops!

Ideas for planting flowers and aromatic plants:

  • he thinks
  • purple basil
  • mint
  • thyme
  • tasty
  • geranium
  • myosotis
  • lobelia
  • begonia
  • petunia