how to decorate it when it’s out?

An essential element of end-of-year celebrations, the Christmas tree lights up our long winter evenings. But his place is not necessarily inside the house. In fact, if you have an outdoor space, you can perfectly install your Christmas tree there. In this case, you will need to think carefully about the decorations with which you will decorate it. And for good reason, you’ll have to face the weather!

Why put your Christmas tree outside?

First of all, you might be wondering what interest you would have in putting your Christmas tree outside. The benefits are actually many. First of all, you will no longer need to collect fir needles daily which tend to scatter around the living room. Then you can contribute to the legendary magic of Christmas by making passers-by enjoy your enchanting decorations. Finally, your potential pets will no longer be tempted to ruin your efforts during the night or during your absence.

In addition, a small space, such as a balcony, is more than enough to place a decorative tree. You don’t need a huge garden in which to plant your tree directly. Although the latter option is possible, a small tree in a pot will also do very well. Note that an artificial tree can to be also considered outdoor, provided it is not made of “indoor PVC”. Therefore, it should be checked at the time of purchase.

Christmas tree decoration
Credits: iStock / bokan76

Of course you can choose to place one Christmas tree inside your house and another in your garden or on your terrace. In the end, you decide!

Good to know : if you already have trees, shrubs or potted plants, don’t hesitate to decorate them too with decorations for a magical effect.

Which decorations to choose?

To decorate your tree outdoors, it is essential to choose decorations that can withstand wind, rain or snow. In short, with sometimes harsh winter conditions.

To do this, be sure to select it natural and durable materials, such as wood, pine cones, bark or wicker. PVC decorations are also suitable for outdoor use. On the other hand, avoid decorations made of glass, fabric or sequins, they are not sturdy enough.

About fairy lights, which have their place on a Christmas tree, consider choosing garlands intended for outdoor use. The solar garlands is for example an excellent choice, esp from an ecological point of view. And if you choose electric garlands, the waterproof junction box necessary.

Finally, for all your decorations to withstand the weather, especially wind, you will need hold them in place with a wire or fishing, according to your preferences. It would be a shame if these ornaments didn’t last until at least December 25th!