Halloween: how to make your garden spooky

Halloween today is mostly celebrated by Americans or other Anglo-Saxon countries (although this is of Celtic origin), which has provided us with magnificent decorations, each equally spectacular. But these traditions still crossed the Atlantic, enough to inspire us! Here are some tips for decorating your garden in the creepiest atmosphere of the year. Your garden will be ready to welcome little monsters looking for sweets. Follow the leader!

1) Pumpkins

Halloween rhymes with pumpkins! Therefore, it is an indispensable decoration for this night of horror. You can leave them in your garden all season to revive the fall colors. If you don’t grow a pumpkin, know that it is cheap. Choose them in different sizes, and all you have to do is cut off the cap (at the level of the stem) and empty them. Draw faces frightening which you will carefully cut with a very sharp blade. Drop a wax candle tea light in the back, turn it on and put your pumpkins on the front steps or scatter them all over the garden! The Nuit comes, the effect will be guaranteed!

pumpkin for halloween
Credit: jill111 / Pixabay

2) Spirits

Another important thing for a successful Halloween decoration: ghosts ! Start a creative workshop by yourself or with your children. Inflate balloons white balloons and draw a scary face using a felt pen. Cover each balloon with a white cloth transparent. Make a small hole in the fabric at the top of the ghost’s head to catch the opening of the balloon and cover on the trees in the garden using thread. Your spirits will move or rather float to the rhythm of the wind… boo, chills!

3) Webs and spiders

Spider webs are commercially inexpensive or you can make your own cotton. Place them everywhere in your garden: on trees, around pumpkins, near the front door, on the steps or porch, along the walls, etc. You can even have it on things it is not a very aesthetic garden to be able to hide them ! Then add the fake spiders sizes different all over the web. Arachnophobes will pass them by!

4) Light

During this period, it gets dark earlier and earlier, so don’t hesitate to bet on the play of light. Hang small garlands from LED lights on branches, bushes or under the porch. The goal is to enhance your decorations, not to turn your garden into the Palace of Versailles. Keep a light hand on the light touches, but you can afford to take garlands in shape pumpkins or from ghosts for example !


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