fight stress thanks to this plant

L’ylang-ylang (Cananga odorata) is a plant native to the tropical and subtropical forests of Asia. It is especially cultivated for the preparation of fine perfumes as its essence is valuable. Ylang-ylang is also known for benefits and healing virtues. And it is especially ylang-ylang essential oil that is used to combat anxiety, stress and anxiety attacks that can be difficult to live with on a daily basis. Learn right away everything you need to know about this wonderful plant that is ylang-ylang.

When and how to plant ylang-ylang?

The planting of ylang-ylang is done during spring when vegetation resumes. This tree is often planted in pots because of its tropical origin and therefore its special needs. Upon receipt, it should be converted in a larger pot. Indeed, in a more temperate climate than the tropics, it must be grown exclusively in large pots.

When the good weather returns, it is quite possible to place it in the garden. The tree endures high winds and short periods of frost. To have a chance to see a beautiful bloom, you will need a choice position in the garden. Place the ylang-ylang inside soleil in fresh soil and above all good drained.

After a few years (but relatively few compared to other trees), it will be able to count up Height 18 m and produce a trunk 4 m wide.

ylang ylang
Credit: mypuy


When planting, watering should be generous and regular. Water every three days allowing the soil to dry out between each watering. Indoors, avoid placing it in rooms equipped with air conditioning, which tends to dry out the ambient air. Indeed, the tree can become a victim of spider mite attacks if the air is not humid enough. To maintain a good hygrometryconsider spraying water on the leaves daily.

The benefits of ylang-ylang

We find ylang-ylang essential oil in pharmacy or in specialized stores. It can be used in different ways depending on the desired action. It is possible to inhalation device by putting a few drops on a tissue or using an inhaler or using it in oil from massage for the back and solar plexus. In the latter case, be sure to dilute it to 20% in vegetable oil to avoid burns. As with all essential oils, it should not be ingested or used in its pure form. In addition, a doctor’s advice is recommended depending on your disorders and desires for action provided by this oil.

The essential oil extracted from the flowers has relaxing properties. In case of anxiety, usually manifested by palpitations or increased blood pressure, ylang-ylang essential oil can be a good calming agent.

Ylang-ylang extracts are also aphrodisiacs and help fight impotence.

Finally, its essential oil can also be used on the skin to stimulate and reduce stretch marks.