Decorate a small terrace or balcony

Even a small outdoor space has potential! It is quite possible to decorate a small balcony or terrace with style, without spending money. These few ideas, laid out in a practical way, will undoubtedly be able to unleash your inspiration. Leave room for your imagination to decorate your terrace or balcony. The overall effect has the advantage of being a successful decorative inspiration. So no need to buy everything, choose yourself! Discover how to decorate the exterior gain intimacy.

1. Decoration 10m2 or less: practicality and small quantities

Do you live in an apartment and are you lucky enough to have a balcony? If it is connected to the living room, it is all the more interesting. It is then possible to think of this space as a real extension, an external continuity of your living room. Also find out how break vis-a-vis.

  • Banquet
  • Folding furniture
  • Floor pillow
  • Low table
  • Garlands
  • Mirror
  • Climbers
  • Carpet
  • Screening of cane
  • Built-in planter on the balcony fence
small balcony planter
Credit: AnnaNahabed/iStock

2. Woman-inspired decor: promote detachment

Do you need a cocoon that is synonymous with peace and tranquility? Opt for a Buddhist-style decoration, which contributes to serenity. Minimalism is key, with clean lines and colors inspired by nature.

    • the statue wakes up
    • Space for planting bounded by a tray, pot or XXL planter
    • A fountain or a large decorative container for water, like a mini pond
    • Stairs made of slate, natural stone or graphite
    • Typical vegetation: bonsai, Japanese maple, papyrus, fern, Japanese horsetail
    • Large rounded pebbles, small pebbles
    • Associated colorimetry: green, gray, white, black, red
Japanese garden terrace

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3. Decoration for Recovery: Personal and Inexpensive

Decorate, yes, but not at any cost! The expected effect here is to transform your space into a personal and inexpensive cocoon. Do an inventory of your bricks, as any old wood, leather or any other natural material can potentially be recycled as a decorative item. If you are a fan of flea markets, flea markets and other garage sales, you will find your happiness in the hunt for unique items. Simple DIY ideas do it yourself (DIY) with a piece of wood and rope are legion! All you need is a little inspiration…

4. Decoration with plants: dialogue with nature

Prerequisite: be a happy companion to many plants. It is possible to maximize the effect of opulence by varying sizes, colors, scents, shapes. Whether the plants are large, vertical, hanging, miniature… You’re not done playing with the possibilities yet! Be sure to correctly assess their water needs, ensure adequate exposure. To create a real jungle, you just have to highlight them.

5. Decoration inspired by modern style: clean lines and lightness

Need practicality and low maintenance? Opt for light elements that do not clutter up the space.

  • Folding furniture
  • Candles
  • Frames
  • Transparent
  • shade cloth
  • Pillows
  • LED garlands
  • Banquet
  • Standard colorimetry: maximum 3 colors or gradient of one tone

If you’re lucky enough to have a larger garden, learn the basics of successful garden layout and vis-à-vis protection.

modern terrace

Credit: Delpixart/iStock