Black flowers: 10 natural varieties to plant

Black flowers are rarely seen in gardens and yet fully deserve their place. As rare as they are exciting, they have the peculiarity of decorating and highlighting the rest of the plants in the garden. Even if “pure black” in the garden doesn’t really exist, some flowers come pretty close. In general, black evokes darkness and negativity, however, black flowers tend to evoke something mystical, even magical. They bring a touch of elegance to the garden like a delicate jewel. Here are 10 varieties of black flowers to plant in your garden. Enchanting massif or magical pot, it’s up to you!

1) The black petunia

The black petunia is so exciting that it will attract attention in your garden. This stunning variety was first introduced a few years ago by Ball Horticulture Co. Combine it with bright flowers for a great contrast.

black petunia flowers
Credits: rmac8oppo / Pixabay

2) La tulipe “Queen of the night”

The ‘Queen of the Night’ tulip has to be the closest flower to black. It’s actually a very dark brown, but that only shows up in the sun. Very easy to develop, The tulip is a cold-resistant plant which blooms in mid to late spring. Pair it with white tulips for a glam effect.

black tulip flowers
Credits: dassel / Pixabay

3) Aeonium ‘Blackhead’

It is a succulent plant with reddish colors approaching purple and whose center is dark green. Pair it with yellow flowers! Be careful, it can’t stand the cold.

black Aeonium flowers
Credits: RonPorter / Pixavay

4) Coleus ‘Black Prince’

“Black Prince” can be cultivated as a perennial in warm climates or as an annual in cooler climates. Its dark foliage is ideal at the edge of the garden.

black coleus flowers
Credits: MikeGoad / Pixabay

5) The “viola” thought.

The petals of this flower have a velvety effect. It requires very little maintenance and emits a seductive aroma.

black pansy flowers
Credits: pxhere

6) The black can

Bring some exoticism to your garden with the canna. This plant can reach 1m50 in height. Greedy for light, it will need at least 6 hours of sun a day.

make black flowers
Credits: Usien / Wikipedia

7) Hollyhock

This Black hollyhock is excellent. Sometimes speckled with white, it resembles a galaxy.

black holly flowers
Credits: AlgraRia / Pixabay

8) Le lys calla

This flower is simply spectacular in both shape and color. In a pot or in the ground, the calla will dazzle with the contrast between its light green foliage and very dark purple flower.

black lily flowers
Credits: D1creations / Pixabay

9) The black ophipogon

This black grass is shiny. It is ideal for borders or rockeries in the garden. The plant has very intense black foliage in early spring which changes to dark purple in summer. In mid-summer, small white flowers appear followed by small black seeds.

Credits: Dénes Emőke / Wikipedia

10) Black hellebore

The black hellebore has many more petals than the classic hellebore. Its petals are velvety and exquisitely black. This flower is ideal in the shade.

black hellebore flowers
Credits: angelinaelv / Pixabay