Basics for furnishing your garden with style

For a pleasant and beautiful garden, it is important to think about its layout. If the task can be easy and practical for a professional, this is not necessarily the case when you know nothing about landscaping. Indeed, the development of your garden must be done taking into account certain details. In order to turn your garden into a corner of paradise, call on your sense of creativity. In this article, discover our selection of essentials for the successful development of your garden.

garden borders

Interest a garden border is that it helps to limit the space and highlight your garden and its paths. Borders are used to separate walkways, grass areas and flower beds, bushes or plants. They make it possible to bring a touch of elegance, more refinement, into the garden.

There are different types of garden edging. There are models on the market made of wood, stainless steel, concrete, stone, etc. Regardless of the model, consider the style, the method of attachment, the usability in your garden and the quality of the materials.

garden border perennials
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garden tables

Unlike a classic table, garden tables are intended for outdoor use. For this reason, they are dressed in materials that allow long-term exposure to bad weather. We find, for example, exotic wood (then you have to think about regular wood varnishing), glass or metal.

The table should ideally highlight your outdoor space. Additionally, consider the number of seats the table offers before purchasing.

garden table set

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A sail in the shadow

It is absolutely necessary to create a shaded area in your garden. This is especially recommended if you have furniture in the garden. For a nice presentation you have a choice between shade sails or parasols.

shadow sail

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In the garden, the barbecue is an essential element for creating friendliness. Indeed, with a barbecue, there is no more worry about organizing your festive evenings with friends or family. It’s up to you to see if you prefer to opt for a fixed or mobile, on wheels.

However, before you start installing a barbecue, it is advisable to ask about the provisions of the law that regulate the use of barbecues in gardens in your region.


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Lighting fixtures

During the great summer heat, you can now dine in the garden, in peace. For this, it will be necessary to think about the installation of lighting fixtures to illuminate the space. It is important to choose lights carefully, taking into account their design and the decorative character they offer.

To successfully illuminate your garden, you can mark the passages, illuminate the trees in the garden or on the terrace with light garlands, diffuse soft light on the garden table and illuminate the steps of the outdoor staircase. there is one.

In conclusion, some accessories are necessary to beautify your garden. Let your imagination take you!

lighting of the energy garden

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