8 Changing Gift Ideas for Gardening Lovers

It’s not always easy to find gift ideas during the holidays! Whether its birthdays, Christmas or Mother’s and Father’s Day, there is always an excellent opportunity to make a gardener happy… But don’t panic, because whether you want to give someone a gift or simply yourself, you will surely find an idea that suits you among the following!

1. The book

The advantage of books is that you can have all sensitivities, and the choice is endless! It can go from a beautiful photo book in the most beautiful gardens in the world to guide start permaculture at home, going through the works that are full of gardening tips. Not forgetting about cookbook make good meals with fruits and vegetables from the vegetable garden!

2. A card for subterfuge

A changing idea that is sure to please: them nice planting cards which undoubtedly constitute a an unusual gift and poetic ! It will grow from this little attention poppies and other field flowers…

Credits: Simple gardening

3. Entrance ticket to the garden

Real green open-air museumsbotanical gardens and other topiaries are real heritage treasure. In France alone, there are tons of magnificent gardens steeped in history just waiting to be visited! Between the English garden and the French oneall you have to do is choose…

4. Voucher at the garden center

Simple and effectivethis type of gift is perfect if you prefer to let the person decide to take what they have need or want from a long time ago. It is an ideal gift for those who are afraid to make mistakes!

5. Tools and accessories

And here the choice is quite wide… This can be a gardening apronset of tools and dishes for create your own compositions flowers, a tool bag easy to transport in the garden or even designer accessories such as watering cans and sprinklers.

6. Subscription to the gardening box

In the last few years, we have seen a significant growth of boxes… And this trend has not been spared, even the garden! It is therefore possible to offer plantation kits for aromatic plants or even unusual fruits and vegetablesetc. The contents of some boxes are uniform was for followers!

7. Decoration

We can always find something beautify the interior with natural things, or a garden and flowering plants… They exist vases of course, which can be bought at the craft store around the corner. But also mini serresthem lamps and lanterns for the garden, original labels – why not make it yourself – put it at the base of the plants… In the same way, a herbarium frame homemade creations with dried flowers can be very appreciated.

If you are a craftsman, you can make these items yourselfor put children contribution for a gift for Mother’s or Father’s Day!

8. Enrollment in flower art classes

This gift that fits more in time it requires some commitment, so make sure it’s a person motivated before giving it to him. Otherwise there are introductory flower art workshops which are intended for all ages!