8 basic ideas for creating relaxing places in the garden

Sunny days are more than ever an opportunity to enjoy the garden and life outside. Thus, the garden can take place at any time of the day, as long as several places are set up in it according to everyone’s taste and habits! So between reading in a hammock or having a pizza dinner in the outdoor kitchen, which would you choose first?

Place the garden furniture

1. Hammock

Indispensable for summer sleeping, the hammock is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after garden elements during the summer. Especially since there are some supports which enable him to move from one end of the garden to the otherideal for tracking shade (or sun)!

garden furniture hammock
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2. Garden bed

More expensive depending on the model, but just as comfortable as a hammock, a garden bed can turn out to be just the thing outdoor area for relaxation. Some of them really allow you to create peaceful cocoons and is conducive to relaxation.

garden bed for pool
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3. Swing

And it’s not just for children! The swing can really be bounced around in shape bed and hanging chair, for one or two people. By structuring your garden in such a way that it is quietly and out of sight for napping or reading a book, it will become a great place outside.

garden hanging swing
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4. Garden room with armchairs

If “traditional” garden furniture with chairs has its place on the terrace, the one with armchairs is perfect in a shady corner of the gardenfor example under stretched canvas or garlands. Which creates a friendly space for enjoying aperitifs with friends breakfast outside !

garden furniture
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Create privileged and original places

5. Corner around the fire

In summer, evenings by the fire can be spent elsewhere than on the beach… Why not in the garden? Convenient wooden seats around the outdoor grilland long evenings with friends or family to tell stories or play music!

outdoor garden grill
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6. Summer kitchen

Gourmets and cordons bleus will appreciate the ability to cook and enjoy good meals straight from the oven or grill. Pizzas, foccacia, bread and much more wood-fired dishes will delight all palates. As for the structure, you can choose between, for example open bar with a nice counter, or even a family kitchen with wooden table and benches

outdoor kitchen
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7. Install the fountain

The fountain is the element par excellence for they bring freshness and poetry in the garden. This creates a separate site around which a a bench that invites you to sit down. The choice of model is made according to your taste and the style you want to introduce: rather modern zen, with a statue or in old stones?

garden fountain
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8. Pergola

Along with the gazebo, a pergola can help create true external extension of your accommodation. It allows you to create a separate space which remains open and easily accessible. There is something for all budgets and for all tastes between wood, metal, with or without curtains, etc.

garden furniture pergola fountain
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