7 decorations to avoid collision with birds

Faced with increasing urbanization, bird collisions are becoming more common. Protect chickadees, robins or sparrows while you run your errands with inspiration from these ‘bird friendly’ patio doors!

Each year, billions of birds succumbed to their injuries after a collision with a glass surface. However, there is no shortage of solutions: put stickers on your windowschoose small tiles the redecorate glass surfaces so that you can make them visible (if not choose not to wash your windows!)… Here are a few patio door inspirations personalizedboth bright and visible to birds.

Custom patio doors to protect birds from collision

You wish make your interior brighter changing glass surfaces? Choose french windows bird friendly like these!

1/ Poetic stickers

The anti-collision stickers are not known to be very aesthetic… Get inspired by these poetic stickers redecorate your glass surface !

2/ A bay window with vegetation

Nothing like this for flora and fauna of the garden rather than a planted bay window! For the pleasure of your senses, you can choose a particularly fragrant climbing plant such as jasmine where the honeysuckle.

3/ Small (or large) tiles

Tiles are not old-fashioned: the proof, they are back in fashion, both on windows and bay windows. And about it garden birdseverything is fine!

4/ Element that divides the bay in two

Do you want to change the type of windows or invest in a patio door ? Why not choose a bird friendly modeland other animals? Peel the catalogs, the choice of frames is limitless!

5/ An opaque glass surface

Just the opacity on a glass surface can be enough to save lives.

6/ A garland of lanterns

Please announce the color in yours passing birds having it outdoor garlands which in addition to saving lives will provide you atmosphere hot !

7/ Sliding balcony door

ONE sliding patio door is a sliding door mounted on a track. The advantage of this type of frames is that it has a easily visible partition for birds.

And you, which balcony doors did you prefer among them? list of inspirations custom case windows? Share your opinion with us in the comments!