5 steps to prepare your terrace for this summer

Spring is still uncertain, but the weather is perfect for summer cleaning and preparations. In order to make the most of your terrace this summer, it takes a little work like cleaning the furniture, plants or even the lighting. Here are 5 steps to prepare your terrace for this summer.

1) Start with storage

Basically, we don’t hesitate to pile up various items on the terrace, especially in winter because we don’t use it. Storage and sorting are therefore the first things you should do when you want to see more clearly on the terrace. Throw away boxes, replace furniture, put things back in place, etc.

Gently wake up plants that have overwintered by removing the protective covers after the last frosts in May. Don’t forget to store these winter sails under cover to reuse them in future years. Also continue watering little by little. Remove dry leaves and branches and get rid of plants that did not survive the winter season.

2) Cleaning

If your terrace is just dusty, simply sweep it with a broom. If it’s really dirty, you can use a high pressure cleaner. If you haven’t, gather courage and clean the mossy floor with a cloth, vinegar and baking soda.

When you finally see a shiny floor, you may notice small jobs that need to be done, such as replacing the baseboard, skirting board, or tile.

Credit: runna10 / iStock

3) Set for the terrace

Replace your furniture so that your garden furniture is ready for use on sunny days. Apart from cleaning, a little color may be necessary. Take care of that wobbly table that bothered you all last summer.

4) Plants on the terrace

The terrace allows you to grow a large number of plants. If you have installed a small vegetable garden, prepare your soil for sowing and planting. If you are planning to make your own vegetable garden this summer, don’t hesitate to prepare the plans by drawing and organizing the future crops.

You can also place a hedge that will act as a screen on the terrace. Play with varieties and colors while maintaining a certain harmony among your plants.

Play around with the decor or set up a pergola with climbers and fragrant plants like wisteria. All styles are allowed!

5) Lighting

Solar and LED lamps are essential for your terrace! Fairy lightsfloor lamps, terminals, candle lights, you are sure to find lighting that suits you to create a warm and cozy atmosphere!