5 gift ideas for gardening lovers

Want to please someone who loves gardening but lacks inspiration? You are in the right place! Here is a list of 5 gift ideas for gardening lovers. There is something for everyone’s taste, but also for all pockets. Original gifts to offer or treat yourself!

1) Planting cards

A gift with a card is always a pleasure and makes things even more personal. So how about a planting card for your favorite gardener! Something original and poetic. After reading your little message, all you have to do is put the card in the ground, water it and watch the flowers or vegetable plants appear.

planting map
Credits: jardinerfacile.fr

2) Subscription to the gardening box

the rest gift idea for the garden : subscription to the gardening box! In recent years, production and sales of monthly boxes have exploded! As you can see, themed boxes are trendy. We find them in all categories of gardening: kits for sowing, planting, fruits and vegetables, completely organic boxes, for aromatic, atypical plants, etc. The great advantage is that the boxes are generally suitable for beginner gardeners!

vegetable garden tool
Credit: AlexRaths / iStock

3) Un Bokashi

Bokashi is cooking compost. This is an idea that comes to us from Japan. You receive your kit ready to use. It will be enough to feed it with organic waste in order to produce your own natural fertilizer for the plants in your garden. Indeed, a bokashi is about 16 liters. Its hermetic lid does not allow odors to spread in the kitchen. Its tap located at the bottom enables the collection of natural fertilizer. A summer gardener always needs fertilizer, it’s the perfect gift!

Credit: Pfctdayelise / Wikipedia

4) The book

There is no shortage of choices on the bookshelf! A gardener always wants to learn more about nature. You can offer him a guide on permaculture, tips and advice on vegetable garden gardening, or simply a beautiful photo book about the flora and fauna of his area. And why not a cookbook for cooking delicious dishes from crops from the vegetable garden?

garden book
Credits: Julija Kumpinovica / iStock

5) Gardening tool kit

Garden tools are always useful and make a great gift idea. If you’re not familiar with it, go for the basics like a mini rake, spray bottle or mini shovel for your vegetable garden or houseplants. Otherwise, seek input from those around you to change old tools your gardener friend. Changing dull-edged shears from rusted metal watering cans will always be a pleasure. Here’s how to combine work with pleasure!

garden tools
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6) Voucher for the garden center

If you don’t really have inspiration, buying a voucher at a garden center or specialist store is always a pleasure. That way, you will have little chance of making a mistake and your friend will find the perfect gift. It also leaves the choice to the person to bring what they want or need in their garden!

garden center
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