40 terrifying ornaments to adopt in the garden!

Halloween is just a few days away. This famous festival of Celtic origin is mostly celebrated today for its decorations, sweets and traditions. No more rituals to contact the dead, now is the time to celebrate and be creative! Indeed, although choosing a costume remains a big step, decoration is also important. And if you have a garden, why not use it? Make your space as creepy as possible regardless of size. Spiders on the trees, webs in the bushes, evil man-eating pumpkins, bats or slimy cauldrons… the only limit is your imagination! For those who are late, don’t panic! Here are 40 terrifying decorations you can adopt in the garden.

1. Spiders to welcome your friends

All with a very viscous effect thanks to the white balloons.

2. Stacked pumpkins

For a pot like no other.

3. Flower pots to order

Let your imagination run wild!

4. Pumpkins and flowers

Turn your pumpkins into pots for a beautiful fall look.

5. Decorate the porch

Bats, pumpkins and witches’ brooms await you.

6. Hall full of cobwebs

Who will dare to go there in the middle of the night?

7. Special Halloween creative workshop

Let your children take advantage of this period and organize a creative workshop around Halloween by inviting their friends!

8. Old pots and spiders

Follow this tutorial for a gloomy effect.

9. A bat hangs from the trees in the garden

To hang on all possible branches!

10. Big eyes for spy bushes

11. Ghosts and zombies

With such a setup, no one will dare to approach the house.

12. Fairy lights and spiders

Super easy DIY!

13. Don’t be a mummy…

14. The dead rise

15. Hear the returning pirates!

16. Giant ants

A few pumpkins, branches and here’s an ant that doesn’t make you laugh!

17. Witch’s legs

18. Found treasure

19. Evil rat

20. Spider skull

21. Holy cat!

22. Welcome!

23. Walking my dogs, problem?

24. Ghosts…

25. Haunted garden

26. Crown to make it simpler

27. Gardener from another time

28. Horror in the garden

29. Circle of spirits

30. Pumpkin Reunion

31. A well-kept secret

32. Light up this dark night

33. Little nap in the stroller

34. Dripping boiler

35. Jack the Flowerpot

36. Warn of intrusion!

37. Autumn sun

38. The grave and the crow: a combination

39. Path of graves

40. Mysterious shadows

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