4 flowering cluster bushes to grow in the garden

Bushes with flowering clusters bring a certain lightness to the landscape. In addition, these small floral cascades decorate the garden with their rainbow colors. Some even emit a wonderful aroma that fills your space. Discover 4 flowering cluster bushes to grow in the garden.

1) Le corylopsis

Corylopsis is a medium-sized shrub whose habit extends horizontally. Its flowering is in the form of small lanterns that appear before the leaves. These small flowers give off a pleasant fragrance reminiscent of primroses.

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2) Blooming raisins

The groseillier with flowers (and more specifically Blood flow) is an aromatic shrub whose aroma is reminiscent of gooseberry. Large clusters of pink flowers cascade down the small tree. Its light green foliage is also original and fragrant.

Most varieties of flowering currants are hardy and can withstand temperatures down to -20°C.

Blood flow
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3) Le loropetalum chinense

Loropetalum chinense is a shrub that blooms from February to April. Its lovely bright pink pom-pom-like flowers contrast with deep green, oval-shaped evergreen foliage. Not very hardy, grown in areas with mild winters.

loropetalum chinense
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4) Le Garrya elliptica

The Garrya elliptica is a shrub often seen in mid-winter. If its leaves are rather classic and remind those of the oak, the fallen male catkins are particularly impressive. They are rather long, cream or slightly pink. In addition, female plants are of little interest and are rarely found in garden centers.

This evergreen shrub thrives in areas with a fairly mild climate where the winter is rather mild. It does not withstand negative temperatures below -12°C. In the garden, protect it from the wind by growing it close to a wall and protect the base with a fairly thick layer of mulch during the winter.

Garrya elliptica
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