12 Foods You Should NEVER Buy at the Supermarket

Many people prefer to buy food in hypermarkets, without thinking about what price they actually have to pay for such comfort and convenience.

Surely you have noticed that stores sell inexpensive semi-finished products, but how long will it take to restore health after using such products? To eat right and be healthy, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of store-bought products that are best not to buy.

12 Foods You Shouldn’t Buy at the Supermarket

Pastries with “fruit” filling

Everyone knows how healthy berries are for the body, but a store-bought berry muffin has nothing to do with healthy food. If you want something sweet, it is better to buy a simple cake, and take fresh or frozen berries at home, beat them in a blender, and pour over the resulting mass of confectionery.

Bottled tea

Do you consider this tea a low-calorie and healthy drink? This will indeed be the case if you brew it yourself. Bottled tea does not contain beneficial substances, it has many stabilizers, sweeteners, and other chemical additives.

Gluten-free products

Buying gluten-free bakery products are only advisable if your body reacts negatively to this protein. Sweet buns contain more carbohydrates, fats, and various chemical components than ordinary bread, and besides, their cost is higher.

Bread “multi-grain”

If you come across a similar inscription on the label, this most likely means that such bread simply contains various dyes and additives. Good white bread is made only from wheat and this must be indicated on the label.

Peanut butter (no fat)

Regular peanut butter contains proteins and “healthy” fats. If you see the inscription “fat-free” on the package, this means that the product contains a significant amount of sugar. Therefore, draw your own conclusions about whether it is worth buying such products.

Frozen food

Storefronts are crammed with frozen foods—mixed vegetables, shrimp, fish, and other “delicatessen” that appeal to most shoppers. But you need to understand that most of these products contain chemical preservatives and refined sugar that are harmful to the body. This does not mean that you can not buy products stored in this way at all, the main thing is to learn how to choose them correctly. Quality can only be assessed if there is no packaging and if the products are sold by weight in the store.


Instead of soybean and rapeseed oil, which contain fats harmful to the human body and genetically modified organisms, it is better to buy olive, linseed or coconut oil.

Sweet pastries

The composition of baking almost always includes genetically modified organisms, various preservatives, flavorings, and a significant amount of refined flour and sugar. To avoid health problems, try to cook pastries yourself, and if you don’t have time or desire, visit a pastry shop where professional chefs will prepare your favorite dish.


You can see a huge number of ready-made salads on the shelves of supermarkets, but such dishes are always supplemented with special bottled dressings containing preservatives, flavorings and various types of sugar. Such food will do the body more harm than good, so it is better to prepare salads at home without using store dressings.

Bars (protein and chocolate)

This product is advertised as a healthy food and a great alternative to regular candy. But in view of the high color content, the presence of various chemical additives, and the high content of sugar and fat in the composition, such bars can cause enormous harm to the body. Instead, eat a handful of nuts or fresh fruit.

bottled water

In no case should you buy such water, it is better to spend money on installing special cleaning filters at home, this will bring not only economic benefits but also prevent significant health problems. In addition, bottled water does not contain any beneficial minerals and has no taste.