12 flowers herald spring!

What a joy to see the first colorful blooms that announce the return of the beautiful season! Indeed, there are “harbinger of spring” flowers that reveal themselves as temperatures gradually rise. Most of these flowers are honeydew, meaning they provide essential food for bees and other pollinating insects to start the spring season off on the right foot. Here are 12 flowers that herald spring!

spring bulbs


Muscari bulbs reveal beautiful, deep blue, tube-shaped flowers.

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Hyacinths are classics in the spring garden. They bring some verticality to the garden with their starry flower spikes.

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spring perennials


Its flowers form funny hats and its leaves look like hearts.

Elf flower Epimedium grandiflorum
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spring anemones

Spring anemones are single, dazzling red flowers. They require little maintenance.

spring anemone
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Flowering ground covers


Forget-me-nots are beautiful little blue flowers that cover the ground when spring arrives. They are very durable since they can withstand negative temperatures up to -20°C.

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These little bell-shaped flowers they are very aromatic.

spring culture lily of the valley
Credits: ARLOUK / Pixabay

flowering creepers


Wisteria is a wonderful ‘waterfall plant’. Its long vines reveal beautiful purple, fragrant and drooping flowers.

Credits: cocoparisienne / Pixabay

spring clematis

The advantage with clematis is that it blooms twice a year!

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flowering trees


The magnolia has the peculiarity of having its flowers visible before its leaves! It is a plant that brings a light fragrance that does not take to the head.

pink spring magnolia flower
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More commonly known as the Japanese cherry, the plum tree reveals many pink flowers.

spring cherry
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spring bushes

Chinese Azalea

The Chinese azalea brightens the landscape with its yellow-orange flowers with long stems.

orange azalea
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Forsythia is known for its many star-shaped flowers that are almost golden yellow and completely cover the tree!

Forsythian spring
Credits: Hans / Pixabay