11 exotic plants to plant in our gardens

Exotic plants are often majestic and they bring freshness to the landscape. However, due to their origin, it is not always easy to grow them in our latitudes and sometimes it is even impossible to do so, because the needs of the plants are very specific. However, some exotic plants are very resistant to the different climates prevailing in our latitudes. Discover 11 exotic plants to plant in our French gardens.

Exotic flowering plants

1) Alstroemère (Alstroemeria sp.)

It is a resistant plant since its tubers have the ability to be protected deep in the ground.

Credits: Voisine / iStock

2) garden ginger (DifficultTara)

Its cousin to the common ginger is very hardy (-18°C). To thrive, all it needs is well-drained soil.

Hedychium ginger from the garden
Credits: MichalRenee / iStock

3) Golden Lotus (Musella lasiocarpa)

This incredible plant can reach 1.20 meters in height and its leaves turn blue in summer.

Musella lasiocarpa lotus d'or
Credits: ES3N / iStock

4) Giant hibiscus flower (Hibiscus muskets)

These giant hibiscus flowers can reach 20cm in diameter!

Hibiscus muskets
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5) Billbergia (Bilbergia nodding his head)

This plant with arching, fuchsia-pink stems is a cousin of the pineapple.

Bilbergia nodding his head
Credits: Julio Rivalta / iStock

6) Crinum (Crinum x powellii)

An exotic plant with pink or white flowers that gives off a strong, enchanting floral scent.

Crinum x powellii
Credits: Tony Baggett/iStock

7) Gladiola (Yucca filamentosa)

The flowering yucca is an incredibly hardy plant since it can withstand negative temperatures down to -25°C.

Yucca filamentosa
Credits: anmbph / iStock

Cacti and leafy plants

8) Cactus ‘Verre-de-Bordeaux’

A cactus that blooms every year and reveals beautiful bright red flowers.

Echinocereus triglochidiatus
Credits: RKennalley / iStock

9) Faces (Fatsia japonica)

Once installed, the facia requires no further care.

Fatsia japonica
Credits: prill / iStock

10) Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia picardoi)

A cousin of his prickly pear which blooms after two years and then every year!

Picardo's Oponce (Opuntia picardoi)
Credits: Michael Wolf / wikipedia

11) Chinese or hemp palm (Trachycarpus fortunei)

A very hardy palm that does not exceed 5 meters in height.

Trachycarpus fortunei
Credits: sebastianosecondi / iStock