10 inspirations for natural garden furniture

Inspiration with natural garden furniture, to decorate your balcony, terrace or garden while creating a country atmosphere suitable for cocooning!

The garden salon is furniture like no other. Designed for outdoor use (balcony, garden or terrace), it requires production in weather resistant materials. If many garden furniture on the market consists of plasticmodels made of natural materials are not isolated cases. Wood, metal, glass or stonechoose a natural outdoor furnitureit also means limiting pollution. Since plastic garden furniture is not immune to shedding a few shards over time… Take care of the environment and its inhabitants by choosing 100% natural garden furniture !

To help you choose, here some inspiration for garden furniture rural atmosphere, which can also be used as an outdoor decoration.

5 inspirations for garden furniture made of natural materials

The garden salon is a very popular piece of furniture from the arrival of spring to the end of summer. What could be more beautiful thanto watch the birds sing, well settled in his sofa in the shade of chestnut? If you don’t have furniture like this yet, here are some garden furniture which might give you some ideas.

1/ DIY garden furniture

The do it yourself has been in vogue for several years. And for good reason: making your own furniture, indoors or outdoors, allows you to save money on the one hand, while creating uniquely stylish custom-made furniture. Not to mention the pride this activity brings…

2/ Garden furniture made of wicker or rattan

Like wicker, rattan is a natural material derived from a plant, in this case palm. Wicker, on the other hand, comes from young willow saplings. These materials, completely plant-based and 100% biodegradable, are also very resistant over time. Rattan garden furniture, one alternative at a time ecological, durable and also very aesthetic !

If the price is a garden furniture made of rattan does not fit your budget, you can choose it in small details: bench, trunk or even modern garden chair Maisons du Monde wicker or rattan will allow you to complete your outdoor furniture in style.

garden furniture houses of the world woven rattan
©Houses of the World

3/ Colorful chairs to beautify the city terrace

Breathe some spring mood into your patio by dressing it up with a furniture colored. Chairs, benches, carpets and more garden accessories multicolored, your outdoor space should be transformed!

bench garden color chairs terrace

©Houses of the World

4/ Corner sofa for receiving guests

The garden room justifies its name: it generally consists, as in the living room, of couchfrom armchairsOh yeah low table and a few chairs, if there are any. Dare you corner sofa in order to welcome your guests in the greatest comfort. Cheers to warm summer evenings!

garden furniture of wicker houses of the world

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5/ Solid and romantic wrought iron garden furniture set

Wrought iron is a material naturally robust. Garden furniture made from this specific steel will allow you to add a little something romantic and bucolic touch to his English garden.

gardening english lawn living room table chairs wrought iron


A few tips for maintaining your natural garden furniture

Natural garden furniture is imposed meeting soft. Exit from chemicals, greetings natural and biodegradable cleaning products. For example, rattan is easy to clean water and black soap, just like metal. AND teak garden furniturethis resistant exotic tree, will be maintained with water and Marseille soapto complete it a littlehuile de lin at the end of cleaning to nourish it and give it shine.