10 flowers and plants that have become fashionable again

Even in the middle of gardening we can talk about trends and fashion. Some plants were cared for by our grandparents, and then they were forgotten for a while. Then, as for the eternal circle of fashion, they come back in force and invade our interiors as well as our gardens. Here are 10 flowers and plants that have become fashionable again!

1) And sansevieria

Known as “mother-in-law’s tongue”, sansevieria is one of those plants that purify the air. Very easy to maintain, it is a robust plant that you can place in any room in your home.

Credit: Grumpy Cow Studios / iStock

2) Succulents

Succulents are succulents that we see everywhere: in garden centers, in the garden, in containers, but also on the web! They are very resistant because they tolerate a lack of water. Therefore, they are ideal plants for beginners. In addition, they reveal magnificent colors that vary between green, pink and purple.

fat succulent plant
Credit: martiecl / iStock

3) Les anthuriums

Anthurium is a tropical plant whose leaves appear lacquered, which gives it that shiny side. Its yellow tubular fruits contrast beautifully with the heart-shaped red flowers.

Credit: Andrey Bukreev / iStock

4) Gladiolus

Gladioli have been around for a long time. And yet, with their wide color palettes, the stars are the florists. Indeed, gladioli bring freshness to flower bouquets.

Credits: Jurgute / iStock

5) Chestnut from Guyana

With its magnificent braided trunk, the Guyanese chestnut attracts attention. Brings originality to every interior!

Guyanese chestnut
Credit: Matthew Lloyd / iStock

6) Boston fern

Boston fern absorbs moisture because its natural environment is tropical. It will find its perfect place in a bathroom with a window, because it needs light.

fern boston humidity
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7) Begonias

Begonias are small flowers with a thousand and one colors! It will bloom from May to October.

Credit: artpritsadee / iStock

8) Ficus benjamina mourning fig tree

The mourning fig tree is placed indoors, as it is a tropical plant. It brings a certain freshness to the room.

bonsai ficus
Credit: Kira-Yan / iStock

9) Daffodils

True indoor suns, daffodils reveal their brilliant flowers in spring.

Credits: yarmoluk / Pixabay

10) Geraniums

When we think of geraniums, we immediately think of our grandmothers. And again, these flowers bring a lot of cheerfulness to the balcony or terrace planters. It is also possible to install them in borders or beds.

geranium pelargonium
Credit: nesharm / iStock