10 autumn flowers to bring color to the garden

With its magnificent foliage, autumn is known to be a particularly colorful season. Indeed, red and yellow, passing through orange colors, then invade the trees. Fall isn’t just about leaves changing color, though. There are also the autumn flowers, still present, that decorate our gardens, beds or planters. Discover 10 autumn flowers to add color to the garden.

climbing flowers

1) Passionflower

This flower blooms between July and November. Fragrant, reveals cream petals with long purple filaments. It will appreciate places in partial shade with rather light soil.

passion flower
Credits: Tama66 / Pixabay

2) Clematis

Clematis blooms in late fall and winter. Purple in color and sometimes cream with purple flecks, strongly reminiscent of a bell. Sun exposure in well-drained soil will provide it with everything it needs to grow.

Credits: suju / Pixabay

autumn bulbs

3) The crocus sativa

Blooming in autumn, crocus offers purple flowers with yellow stamens and red filaments. This plant is also cultivated for saffron.

yolk yolk
Credits: MichaelGaida / Pixabay

4) Dahlias

This plant with large flowers about 20 cm in diameter blooms between July and autumn. It can grow in optimal conditions in the sun and in cool soil. It can reach 1.5m in height.

Credits: 9883074 / Pixabay

Autumn flowering shrubs

5) The oleander

This small winter-blooming shrub will especially appreciate shady spots with well-drained soil. Its pink buds will open to yield beautiful white flowers.

Credits: Tom Meaker / iStock

6) Winter heather

This shrub bears many bright pink flowers in a cluster shape. It will bloom in winter in a sunny place.

winter garden purple heather
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Perennial plants

7) Les asters

Light purple in color and star-shaped, asters bloom in fall in a spot well exposed to the sun.

blue star
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8) Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums look like big daisies. They bloom between October and November. They will grow in excellent conditions in a sunny corner of the garden.

Credits: chezbeate / Pixabay

Annual autumn flowers

9) Maryland Zinnia

Zinnia blooms between July and November. It offers multi-colored daisy-shaped flowers. This plant is perfect for bouquets.

zinnia du Maryland
Credits: Peloria / iStock

10) Thoughts

Yellow, white and sometimes purple pansy flowers bloom between March and November. Know that the flowers are edible and are ideal for coloring dishes.

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